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At A's Hair Loss Salon we offer our clients a non-surgical remedy for hair loss.  Our medical wigs / cranial prostheses as one of the solutions to hair loss. I am a professional, experienced, and reliable Cosmetologist/Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist. ( Mobile*)

I will do everything I can to help my clients feel and look better so they can concentrate on healing!”  I will assist you every step of the way, from choosing a wig, assistance with the paperwork, customization, and delivery to you.

*Restrictions apply

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Achieve the look you desire despite any type of hair loss. 



Indian Hair, European Hair

Indian Hair,  European Hair, Brazilian Hair

Body Wavy, Curly, Natural Straight


Cranial prosthesis

Our Wigs Come From the best trusted & Professional Wig Companies


Silicon Base Wig

No tape or glue needed

You May Quality for a wig without any out of pocket expense.

Medical Hair Loss

Your medical wig can be covered by insurance for the following medical conditions:

  • Alopecia hair loss

  • Cancer-related hair loss

  • Chemotherapy-related hair loss

  • Kidney disease-related hair loss

  • Radiation-related hair loss

  • Thyroid-related hair loss

  • Certain scalp infections


Here's How It Works - 3 Easy Steps

How to Purchase your Wig & get reimbursed from your Insurance Company

Step #1 Free Consultation

Contact us at agehairlosswigs@gmail.com or call 407-890-1721 to schedule a free consultation. We will listen to your hair loss concerns, and answer all of your questions. Our goal is to help you through the wig buying process and make it as simple as possible. 

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Step #2 Decide which wig is best for you

Browse through our catalogs. We have a very large variety.  Together, we will decide which wig is best suitable for you.  You can either place an order for your wig at this time (self-pay) or receive a custom invoice for your cranial prosthesis to submit to your Insurance Company for reimbursement or payment.

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Step #3 Submit your Insurance Claim

Send Claim Form to your insurance company (contact your insurance provider for the form). Other items you will need include:

  1. Contact us for our Federal Tax ID #

  2. Procedure Code from your insurance provider. Commonly used procedure codes: Synthetic Wig (A9282 or 99199); Human (L8499)

  3. Receipt paid in full as proof of payment (only if you have paid in full for your wig)

  4. Rx with your diagnosis code from your doctor (It must be written for a medical or cranial hair prosthesis)

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